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Hi! I am Sushanta. I have an engineering degree from one of the best tech schools in India with an acceptance rate less than that of Harvard. I have tutored thousands of students in India and hundreds in the USA over the last 25 years. I have a thorough understanding of what works when tutoring different students, as each comes with a unique set of experiences and learning style. For this reason, the first half hour with me is free if you think I am not the right fit for you.

Tutoring is my passion, obsession and addiction – I find it hard to get a good night’s sleep without it! Many of my past students are on my facebook friends list - they acknowledge my contribution to their career and are like family.

I offer both in-person and online tutoring services, and invite you to a trial session with me. As mentioned earlier, you can stop the session after half an hour and quit without paying anything if you dislike it. However, there is a very good chance that these sessions are going to do a world of good to your career. Don't be a stranger: feel free to reach out and say hi!

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1. What relevant education do you have?
I am a civil engineering graduate from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. IIT Kanpur is one of the very best tech schools of India with acceptance rate much less than that of Harvard or Stanford. I am also a Sun Certified Java Programmer.

2. How experienced are you?
I started tutoring in India in 1989. In the USA I have been tutoring since April 2014. Put together, I have more than 25 years of full time tutoring experience. I started moving into the digital world by tutoring online since 2010. In the USA I have tutored more than 1500 hours helping more than 200 students. The age of my students ranges from 6 to 70. I have worked with students diagnosed with ADHD and Autism, and take great pride in helping anyone who needs my help.

3. What is your hourly rate? Do you offer group discount?
I charge $50 per hour. I offer a discount for groups of two or more.

4. What is your travel radius?
Generally students come to my residence or we meet online. I can travel to a student's location for an added commuting fee.

5. What is your cancellation policy?
To cancel a previously scheduled session a two hours notice is required.

6. How do we contact you?
Email me at iitgradtutor(at)gmail.com or call me at (916)-234-0328 to schedule an appointment to my residence/office at 882 Bullion Lane Folsom CA 95630.

Algebra 1, 2 & Pre-algebra
Students with a sub-par foundation of pre-algebra can sometimes face a lot of difficulty handling algebraic word problems. This stems from their first encounter with quantifiable data encoded in written information. I approach all my algebra students with proper care to clarify any misconceptions and help them over their roadblocks with lots of practice.

Pre-calculus, Calculus and Differential Equations
A rock-solid foundation of Pre-calculus is a must to appreciate Calculus and Differential Equations. The last two are fun only if you understand and truly grasp the basics to solve many interesting real world problems.

Geometry and Trigonometry
Geometry is a skill honed by appreciating the world of theorems and postulates. With my students, I like to show how things work in life before hitting the book for practice. This is especially important when you move into trigonometry and higher math.

Probability and Statistics
Probability is usually taught as a part of statistics. Understanding the world of statistical analysis is both magical and whimsical. However, my students with a solid grasp of their Algebra have a great time in this class.

I always ask my students to ask “why” before I let them start a problem. Physics is such a fundamental prerequisite that getting an answer without appreciating the beauty of the science is a tremendous injustice to your future self. The only requirements for success are an inquisitive mind and desire to understand how the world works.

Our world is made up of just a handful of elements with periodically varying properties. Once the student can fully appreciate this concept, Chemistry becomes easy and fun! I encourage my students to question everything they see to understand and excel in this subject.

I take a different approach with my students for Standardized Tests. Since I have been studying these tests for many years, I have become familiar with aspects of the test that can make or break your score. My approach with students relies on first gauging their strengths and weaknesses, and applying specific strategies to refine their understanding of how they are expected to perform. This approach has helped every single one of my students to succeed in the exam and get a higher score.

Computer Science (Scratch, Python, C, C++, Java)
More than anything, Computer Science is a school of thought. I encourage my students(both young and old) to start with Scratch. This lets them pick up the subject in a fun and interactive way. For my intermediate students, I generally approach them with Python. For the advanced students, we usually have discussions about C, C++, and Java.

Civil / Mechanical engineering:
I have tutored Engineering mechanics (Statics and Dynamics) and Strength of Materials(Mechanics of Solids). As a fellow Engineer, I strongly emphasize the importance of a good understanding of physics.

Electrical Engineering
I have tutored Circuits, Discrete Time Systems and Signals, and Digital Signal Processing. A good foundation in physics and mathematics with logical reasoning is a stellar recipe for success.


882 Bullion Lane, Folsom CA 95630